Sarah Garner




Sarah is an award-winning illustrator, print designer, and entrepreneur. Driven by creativity, she's passionate about people and creating something--whatever that might be. From publications to sewing, Sarah is in the constant pursuit of finding creative outlets. After graduating design school, Sarah entered the marketing industry and gained a love for stats, operations, and management. In the marketing field, she could apply the art of design with business. Sarah has a bachelors in Business Administration and now works in operations and marketing in the product design field. Creating products and art that inspire people is what takes most of Sarah's time. 

Sarah created the Proos Paper & Goods Line in 2014. Proos Paper & Goods is a land of her imagination where Sarah's sketches and creatures come to life. Featuring stationery and handmade goods for kids and adults, her shop has shipped products all over the world. 

Sarah celebrates with dreamers, artists and entrepreneurs. These are the people that move the world forward. 

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