Sarah Garner

How I can Help

How can I help you? 

You may be thinking, “Sarah’s cool, but what can she do for my business?”
Great question. Here’s an overview of how I can help your business:



Put your best face forward. Whether you’re starting or refreshing your business, a logo is the face of your brand. I can create your logo for your event, your business, or your side project.


Print Marketing Materials

Brochures, booklets, handouts, posters—OH MY! Print is not dead! There are so many ways to promote your business with a tangible printed piece. From creation to printing, I’ll help you with those extra cool prints.



Have something to say? Present data, facts and charts in a fun visual way. With infographics, you can capture the attention of your audience with illustrated visuals. You can print, post, and even animate your message! Not sure what an infographic is? Google it—you’ll see examples of these cool projects.


Business cards

We all need a good business card. I’ll help you print them and make them memorable!


Books/Magazine Layout

If you’re writing a book or magazine, I can lay out your content and turn it into a beautiful composition!


Presentation design

PowerPoint—we love using it for presenting to people. To make your presentation the most effective, have a designer look at it. I can help you with visually organizing your presentation and spruce up the design of your work to match your brand!


Photo retouching

Make your photos look like they were touched by the gods. I can retouch your headshots, portraits, or anything that you may need done in Photoshop.


Branding partner

Not sure what your business needs? Let’s meet up and talk about the challenges and strengths of your business. I can help identify how design can help build your brand.